Pence Went Deep. Can You?

by Web Master - October 22, 2014

Pitch FX

Face The Pitch Sequence That Led to Pence’s Bomb

Thanks to Baseball by Brooks’ very cool pitch-tracking technology and the programmable features of our cutting edge video hitting simulators, we’re going to be choosing the most pivotal at-bat from every Giants World Series game and allowing our customers to face that exact sequence of pitches. Last night, we chose Hunter Pence’s epic first inning 7-pitch at-bat, culminating in a game- (and hopefully, series-) changing 411-foot home run.

As the image above shows, Pence saw:

  1. Four-seam fastball, down and away (we move this to the outside corner so that it’s a hittable pitch)
  2. Changeup in the dirt (we move this up to the hitter’s knees so that it’s a hittable pitch)
  3. Sinker down and in
  4. Four-seam fastball middle away
  5. Four-seam fastball up and away
  6. Four-seam fastball middle in, and
  7. Four-seam fastball, right down Main Street.

As the arrows above show, we move the balls that were just out of the strike zone onto the edges for a more enjoyable hitting experience. (While it was very dramatic for Pence to work a 3-2 count, our customers prefer to get their hacks in!) We can adjust the relative speed of each pitch as well, so you can face the equivalent of the same 94-MPH heater from Shields that Pence did, or you can dial it back to about 44 MPH for youngsters. The seven-pitch sequence will repeat twice and then the rest of the 15-pitch round will be grooved fastballs down the middle: just like facing “Big Game” James!!!

Come see us and give it a try, and