How It All Started

One day, Adam and Evan found themselves driving 35+ minutes south from their home in the 10th largest city in America, fighting traffic against the commute, just to take a few hacks. It was then that they realized: “This is insane. San Francisco, home of the two-time World Champion San Francisco Giants. It needs a batting cage.”

So Adam and Evan sought to build a location where San Francisco families could enjoy the highest-quality video screen batting cages – solving the problem of timing the ball’s release with a HD resolution video of a pitcher releasing the ball – for both baseball and softball. They partnered with local legend Max Newman to bring the city a place to hit!

Meet Our Team

Kyle Coach

Born and raised in the East Bay Area, Kyle played 4 years at El Cerrito High school, earning multiple selections as a team captain. He attended San Jose State, but a shoulder injury and back condition sidelined his college playing ambitions. Not allowing injuries come in the way of his passion, Kyle has played in the Stan Musial Semi-Pro league for 10 years and continues to play baseball. Sharing the passion, love, and knowledge of baseball with the youth of the Bay Area and customers of Batters Box is a dream come true.

The baseball philosophy Kyle brings is one of patience, good sportsmanship, and emphasis on mental and physical fundamentals. Hitting is about comfort and individuality, but certain “hitting truths” must still be present. Linear hitting styles and rotation hitting styles, each has their fans and detractors, but as a student the game it is good to know both ways and how to execute them. Through lessons, camps, and group sessions, numerous young hitters have seen significant improvement in hitting and fielding under Kyle’s coaching.

Evan is a former professional baseball player with the Club de Baseball des Woodchucks de Bois-Guillaume, France, and the all-time leader in steals of home for the San Francisco MABL with twenty-seven. He now serves as a utility infielder for the San Francisco NABA Red Giants.

Evan Coach
Adam Coach

Adam is a proud Winchester Sachem, and a former C/OF of the San Francisco NABA Red Giants. He has worked in finance, operating and non-profit roles for the last twenty years.