When you step up to the plate at Batter’s Box SF, you get to tell the digital ‘pitcher’ exactly how fast to throw or if you want a nasty curveball. This is one of the benefits of facing a machine instead of a human, but here the pitching feels like the real deal. Their high-definition simulated pitching machines – the same ones used by the pros for training – feature video pitchers whose wind up and throw are timed with the machine-pitched ball. Combine this with the advanced HitTrax technology which shows all batted balls in real time within any MLB stadium, you have the most realistic batting experience in the Bay Area!

Sluggers age seven and up can choose between baseball and softball cages with fast and slow-pitch settings (40 mph – 90 mph), and whiffle balls are available for ages three and up.

Book your time online or in person in 15-minute increments, then take your hacks to get ready for fall ball, spring leagues, or simply to let off steam after work. All skill levels are welcome, without fear of ridicule.

Batter’s Box SF also offers monthly camps and private lessons, and the facility is available for parties. Check their Facebook page for updates and announcements.